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Compostable Polylactic Acid Bags
PLAMFG biodegradable plastic bags are made of PLA, which is made of renewable biological resources such as corn, straw, and plant starch through chemical reactions. They are water insoluble, heat resistant and biodegradable, making them an alternative to traditional plastics and petroleum-based degradable plastics.

Our PLA Biodegradable Plastic Bags

We offer biodegradable plastic bags including trash bags, courier and cushioning bags, shopping bags and more. In order to meet the needs of different use environments, our biodegradable bags are designed in a variety of specifications, such as point break type, easy tie type, back ear type, flat mouth type, rabbit ear type, rope type, etc.

PLA Bags Manufacturing Process

In the production process of degradable environmental protection bags, a variety of physical and chemical methods are used. First, after adding solubilizer, plasticizer and polylactic acid to the raw materials, they are stirred and mixed, plasticized by an internal mixer, then granulated into a masterbatch by an extruder, blown into a film, and then used with a matching mold, that is, it can be made Fully biodegradable reusable bag. The production process of degradable plastic bags includes: mixing materials, film blowing, printing, glue spraying, bag making, and finished products.

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01 Mixture

The required raw materials are fully stirred evenly according to a certain formula through the mixer. According to the different needs of customers, study the ratio of materials, put the required raw materials into the mixer and stir to ensure uniform mixing.

02 Blown Film

After debugging the film blowing machine, put the mixed materials into the hopper of the machine. The film blowing machine blows plastic particles into a film after heating and melting. When blowing the film, the speed and inflation ratio should be well controlled.

03 Printing

Use a printing machine to print text and patterns, cover the wet plastic bag on the upper part of the printing plate, and press the plate and paper through the printing machine to transfer the ink from the concave part of the printing plate to the bag.

04 Bag Making

Blown film bags are cut using a bag cutting machine. When cutting bags, pay attention to whether the edge sealing is firm, whether there is sticky edge (overburning, excessive melting of the glue edge), and whether the cutting edge is neat.

Why Choose PLA Bags?

Benefits of using PLA biodegradable plastic Bags

PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is non-polluting in its production process and biodegradable. It is an ideal green polymer material.
The characteristic of PLA plastic products is that they are completely decomposed to water and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms, so as to realize the true sense of green environmental protection.
Sustainable Packaging Solution

Certified Biodedegradable & Compostable Bags

Our sustainable bags use biodegradable plastic resin (PBAT+PLA) as raw materials, have passed the US BPI and German DIN Certco degradable product certification, and meet the national standards of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. It is an ideal product to replace traditional plastic bags in the environment of banning plastics.

We can also customize according to the pattern, specification and quantity required by customers. Quote Now!

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PLAMFG Biodegradable Bags Manufacturers

As a leading manufacturer of biodegradable materials, we have more than 20 biodegradable plastic bags plants with fully automatic production line of various film bags, which can produce supermarket degradable shopping bags, catering packaging bags, milk tea takeaway bags, handbags and other products. 
With an annual output of more than 3 million tons, we have dedicated laboratory, various degradation certifications and test reports. We also offer biodegradable bags wholesale service and custom services. Contact us for a quotation!
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