What is Polylactic Acid (PLA)? How is it Made & Top 7 Application

Polylactic acid granules

Polylactic acid (also PLA) is one of the most versatile bioplastics today, with its use spanning many industries. According to this data appearing on Statista, it was also the most produced in 2020. So why is it called so and how is it made? In addition to the polylactic acid meaning and manufacturing methods, this […]

5 Advantages of Polylactic Acid to Know About

Polylactic acid packaging container

The many advantages of polylactic acid make it an attractive choice over other bio plastics. These vary from those touching on the environment to those that involve its behavior when subjected to heat. This article explains 5 key polylactic acid advantages, and what they would mean for your project. Is Polylactic Acid Safe? It is! […]

9 Common Uses of Polylactic Acid

The many uses of polylactic acid illustrated

The uses of polylactic acid cut across many different sectors, from medical to automotive and packaging. This includes applications that involve consumer end products, or applications that concern manufacturing companies. For more about the many ways that you can use polylactic acid bioplastic, check out our list of its key applications below. Polylactic Acid Definition […]

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