Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in UAE in 2023

Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in UAE

The plastic bottle market has taken off in the last a years. They use plastic bottles in many industries, like healthcare, cars, drinks, and food. The plastic bottle industry in the UAE is enormous – billions of bottles are made every year! This article will give you an inside scoop on some of the top plastic bottle manufacturers in UAE. So if you’re looking for a plastic bottle manufacturer, this is the place to go!

Understanding of Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are a type of container constructed from either high-density plastic or low-density plastic. They are commonly used to store a variety of liquids, from water and soft drinks to motor oil and cooking oil. Additionally, they are used to store shampoo, milk, and ink. Plastic bottles come in various sizes, from very small to large-capacity carboys. Consumers often use plastic bottles for consumer blow molded containers due to their superior breakage resistance in production and transportation, as well as their lighter weight, lower cost, and ease of transport. The plastic bottle was initially developed in the late 19th century as a substitute for ivory, rubber, and shellac and was first commercially used in 1947. Initially, plastic bottles were relatively expensive, but they quickly gained popularity among manufacturers and customers due to their superior breakage resistance. Glass bottles have been mainly replaced by plastic in the food industry, except for wine and beer.

Market Outlook

The plastic bottle market size is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. It was valued at US$60.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$62.5 billion by 2023. Plastic bottles are increasingly used in industries like food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, personal and cosmetics, and home care. The market for plastic bottles is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2023 and 2032 and reach US$97 billion by 2032. Demand for plastic bottles has been growing rapidly over the years, which is expected to continue. It’s estimated that the top 3 countries will have 30% to 35% of the global plastic bottles market by 2023.

Plastic Bottle Manufacturer List:

Universal Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Universal Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Universal Plastic is part of a 100% locally owned group of companies that started in 2003. They began as a solution to meet the needs and demand for excellent cleaning & hygiene products in the UAE market. Initially, they focused on representing the latest and most popular brand names. Their containers are made from high-quality raw material and are available in the following capacities: 50ml 250ml 450ml, 500ml, 650ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 5 Ltr.

Universal Plastic Industries Homepage:

About Universal Plastic Industries:

Universal Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

Universal Plastic Industries Other Products:

Hotpack Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Hotpack Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Hotpack has been around since 1995, and we’ve been at the forefront of Food Packaging solutions. We’ve created and distributed packaging for various industries, from consumer packaged goods to retail, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and construction. In just 27 short years, we’ve become the biggest producer in the area for a wide range of paper, aluminum, and plastic products. They aim to provide great value by offering top-notch quality at reasonable prices. Their strength lies in relationship management, which has helped us keep the customers for a long time.

Hotpack Homepage:

About Hotpack:

Hotpack Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

Hotpack Other Plastic Products:

PolyCos Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

PolyCos Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

As a premier Packaging provider in the United Arab Emirates, they are well-versed in producing plastic bottles of various grades, such as HDPE, PET, jars, perfume caps, and closures. Their expertise lies in creating unique packaging solutions for sectors where product success is driven by quality and style. They serve industries such as Personal Care, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, Pet Care, Automotive, and Homecare, and are aware of their individual needs. In a consumer-oriented environment, they offer innovative plastic packaging solutions tailored to the Emirates market. They are committed to staying up-to-date with industry developments, guaranteeing our clients receive the latest innovations.

PolyCos Homepage:

About PolyCos:

PolyCos Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

PolyCos Other Products:

SAMAAPACK Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

SAMAAPACK Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Since 2009, they have successfully managed to understand the industry’s requirements and develop dependable products to meet the needs of all customers. At Al Samaa packaging & packaging mat. Tr. LLC, they are in business for cosmetics & perfume packaging. They supply empty glass bottles, caps, spray pumps, etc., which enables us to provide you with competitive prices and high-quality products. They are among the leading trading company of cosmetics packaging in the UAE. They are associated with many domestic and international customers for their cosmetic requirements.



SAMAAPACK Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

SAMAAPACK Other Products:

AL Amana Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

AL Amana Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Al Amana Plastics is among the leading and most esteemed manufacturers and exporters of PET Waveny jars and Bottles in the UAE. As a leading provider of packaging solutions, they utilize the most advanced injection stretch blow molding equipment from around the world to create cutting-edge packaging solutions that adhere to the highest quality and performance standards. They take pride in their commitment to the community and environment, and their quality control methods guarantee that all the customers are 100% satisfied.

AL Amana Homepage:

About AL Amana:

AL Amana Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

AL Amana Other Products:

Emirates Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Emirates Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Founded in 1992, Emirates Plastics Industry Factory specializes in producing and supplying plastic containers of the highest quality. Their products encompass a broad selection of plastic containers designed for packaging petroleum, chemical, cosmetic, paint, 5-gallon plastic bottles & caps, and processed food items. The blow molded products range in size from 500 ml containers to 220-liter liter drums and are available to customers in various domestic and international industries. Since its inception, the company has maintained its commitment to quality without compromise.

Emirates Plastic Industries Homepage:

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Emirates Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

Emirates Plastic Industries Other Products:

DGrade Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

DGrade Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

DGrade is committed to providing sustainable manufacturing solutions that are both environmentally friendly and beneficial to the environment. To this end, they manufacture Greenspun™ clothing from recycled plastic bottles and supply recyclable flakes to packaging manufacturers to promote a circular economy. Additionally, they are committed to increasing plastic recycling rates through their Simply Bottles initiative, which involves education and engagement with educational institutions, businesses, events, and communities.

DGrade Homepage:

About DGrade:

DGrade Plastic Bottle Manufacturer:

DGrade Other Products:

Factors to Consider in Choosing Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in UAE

When selecting a plastic bottle manufacturer to produce your custom bottles, there are a few key considerations to remember. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind before making your decision.


One factor to consider is the number of bottles required. Are you entering the market with a product that has demonstrated its reliability? If you are aware of the quantity required, it may be possible to negotiate a more competitive price.


What will be in your bottles? Some chemicals, like food, require specific types of plastics. Do you have bottles made of this material?


The appearance of your bottles may be a consideration for you. This can have a significant impact on brand recognition and product identification. Do you require a customized cap for your bottles?


What colors do you have to choose from? Sometimes, if your order is big enough, the company will give you a choice of colors other than the standard ones.

Manufacturing Location

Plastics are made all over the world. So if you’re looking to buy bottles made somewhere else, ask the manufacturer how much they’ll charge for shipping.


The rapid expansion of the food and beverage industries in the UAE has increased the demand for plastic bottles. This article provides a list of the leading plastic bottle producers in the UAE to assist businesses in locating the ideal plastic bottle for their needs. With the current state of technological development in the United Arab Emirates, the concept of plastic bottles will likely become a reality.

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