The Best 9 Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in the UK

Plastic Bottle Manufacturers UK

Plastic bottles are a primary product that changes our ways of living. Given its features and containment capabilities, this results in popularization and boosted plastic bottle manufacturing worldwide. Below are some of the leading plastic bottle brands in the UK that might interest you in partnering with them.

Learn More About Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

PET plastic is a robust and lightweight plastic often used in food, drink, pharmaceutical, and personal care applications. It’s been around since the 1833 invention of liquid varnish, and you can use a few different molding methods to make plastic containers. Extrusion blow molding (EBM) is the most common, and it involves an extruder to make a round hollow tube or a parison. A mold cavity is formed around the parison, and one end of the hole is pinched off. The injection blow molding process is used to make hollow plastic objects, and it’s done in three different ways: by injecting melted plastic, blowing air, and ejecting.
Plastic bottles have been widely used as packaging for beverages, detergents, and other consumer items since the late 1970s. Plastic bottles now have many advantages over glass bottles, including durability, energy savings, and ease of manufacturing, thanks to substances like polyethylene terephthalate. Plastic bottles are made cheaply, are safe to use, and can be recycled.

Market Overview

Globally, the plastic bottle market size is expected to increase from USD 60.2 billion in 2021 to USD 97 billion by 2032. The overall plastic bottle sales are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2022 to 2032. By material type, the PET segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2022 to 2032, resulting in an incremental opportunity of USD 16 Bn. By end use, the demand for plastic bottles will increase in the beverage segment at a CAGR of 3.9% during the assessment period. The global bottles market is projected to reach a market value of USD 108.0 billion by 2022, and CAGR is estimated to be 5.0% between 2022-2032.

Leading Plastic Bottle Manufacturers UK

More than we ever realize, plastic bottle producers are essential to our daily life. One of the most popular and widely used plastic products is the bottle and for good reason. They undoubtedly make our life easier because they are more convenient, mobile, and affordable than other options.

The Plastic Bottles Co. Plastic Bottle

The Plastic Bottles Co. Plastic Bottle

At Plastic Bottles Co., everyone should be eco-friendly and work sustainably. Part of their service is finding the perfect plastic bottle for your needs, brand, and budget. The Plastic Bottles Co does this by constantly improving their plastic bottle business’s people, facilities, services, and equipment. They offer products and services that consistently meet their customer’s needs, backed by top-notch customer service. They’re proud to be ISO 9001 accredited for quality management systems, putting their customers first every time we make a business decision.

The Plastic Bottles Co. Official Website:

About The Plastic Bottles Co.:

The Plastic Bottles Co. Plastic Bottle:

The Plastic Bottles Co. Custom Bottle:

P.Wilkinson Plastic Bottle

P.Wilkinson Plastic Bottle

Percy Wilkinson founded this business in the 1930s while marketing containers for The Metal Box Company Ltd. As Denis Wilkinson joined his father, it became a father-and-son enterprise. One of the biggest producers and suppliers of metal and plastic containers in the UK, P. Wilkinson provides packaging options ranging from 50ml dressing pots to 220L drums. They collaborate with manufacturing partners from most industries in the UK and Europe in addition to their facility.

P.Wilkinson Official Website:

About P.Wilkinson:

P.Wilkinson PET Plastic Bottle:

P.Wilkinson HDPE Bottle:

Cambrian Plastic Bottle

Cambrian Plastic Bottle

Cambrian specializes in plastic spray bottles and trigger spray heads for products with a sprayer. Your packaging will be the first indication of the quality and standard of your customer’s product, regardless of the industry you work in or supply to, whether it be food production, commercial cleaning, veterinary services & pet care, automotive, or medical/pharmaceutical. As one of the top PET plastic bottle manufacturers UK and stockists of trigger sprays, dispensers, and closures, they provide the entire solution in one location.

Cambrian Official Website:

About Cambrian:

Cambrian Plastic Bottle:

Cambrian Accreditations:

BPC Plastic Bottle

BPC Plastic Bottle

Bristol Plastic Containers has got you covered if you’re looking for plastic containers! They’ve been the go-to supplier for the trade and the public, with over 20 years of experience as FRWARREN and over five years as Bristol Plastic Containers. They’ve got decades of experience making and producing plastic containers, plus custom fabrications and special industrial equipment, so they’re the perfect choice to help you find the perfect containers for your needs. Plus, they’ve got a massive selection of pre-made containers, from buckets and buckets to jars and funnels, tubes and pipes, PET jars, and more.

BPC Official Website:

About BPC:

BPC Plastic Bottle:

Contact BPC:

iBottles Plastic Bottle

iBottles Plastic Bottle

iBottles are a family-run business that started in the early 90s as a distributor of high-quality Kautex plastic containers in the UK and Ireland. They’ve since expanded their range to include products from suppliers all over the UK and even some from overseas. They pride themselves on being friendly, flexible, and personal. They’re based on a vast 5-acre site they own, which means they have plenty of stock, and with a fast delivery service, they can get the job done right away.

iBottles Official Website:

About iBottles:

iBottles Plastic Bottle:

Browse iBottles Special Offer Containers:

Howard Plastic Bottle

Howard Plastic Bottle

Howard Plastics is a leading specialist manufacturer of educational water bottles, supplying more than 15,000 educational institutions in the United Kingdom. All of their bottles are produced in-house in the United Kingdom and are designed to be environmentally friendly and reusable, as well as being child-safe, BPA-free, and leak and dust-proof. With over 25 years of experience, Howard Plastics has established a reputation for trust, quality, innovation, value for money, and excellent customer service.

Howard Official Website:

About Howard:

Howard Plastic Bottle:

Get in Touch with Howard:

CJK Plastic Bottle

CJK Plastic Bottle

They enjoy being a family-owned company that has been around since the early 1990s at CJK Packaging Limited. As their product line has grown over the years, CJK has worked carefully in partnership with domestic and foreign suppliers to become known as the reliable distributor of Kautex premium plastic containers in the UK and Ireland. Their sincere dedication to offering a welcoming, accommodating, and personable service distinguishes us from the competition.

CJK Official Website:

About CJK:

CJK Plastic Bottle:

CJK Other Services:

Lifestyle Packaging Plastic Bottle

Lifestyle Packaging Plastic Bottle

Lifestyle Packaging is one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of plastic containers & bottles. They manufacture plastic packaging for the retail & alternative health industry – for CBD, e-liquid, medication & skincare. Lifestyle offers high-quality plastic packaging for various applications. Lifestyle’s selection of plastic bottles, jars & pots comes in a wide range of plastics & colors with varying flexibility options. All of their products meet manufacturing quality requirements and standards. Plastic packaging is designed to be suitable for specific liquids & powders to guarantee compatibility and optimal storage. Lifestyle Packaging plastic bottle range includes PET, PP, LDPE & HDPE.

Lifestyle Packaging Official Website:

About Lifestyle Packaging:

Lifestyle Packaging Plastic Bottle:

Lifestyle Packaging Services:

CODA Plastic Bottle

CODA Plastic Bottle

Many plastic packaging users trust CODA – from small start-ups to big companies and everyone in between – to provide top-notch, high-volume products with fast turnaround and dependable results. They’re based in Norfolk, UK, and can produce over 20 million monthly units. They have supply chain solutions that are BRC approved, and all their products are made in the UK at their AA-rated factory. Working with a UK-based plastic packaging manufacturer means you don’t have to worry about disruption after Brexit.

CODA Official Website:

About CODA:

CODA Plastic Bottle:

Contact CODA:

Things to Consider in Choosing Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Plastic bottles are a common component of daily life, from the bottles we drink to the ones we use to keep our cleaning products. Therefore, there is a huge demand for companies that manufacture plastic bottles. Given the variety of possibilities, choosing the best business could be challenging. We’ll help you through the process of finding the ideal plastic bottle manufacturer for your needs.

Company’s Reputation

It is crucial to consider the reputation of potential plastic bottle manufacturers. Finding businesses with a track record of creating high-quality items and offering exceptional customer service is advantageous. It is advised to read internet reviews and ratings to understand what other consumers think.

Product Quality

Plastic bottle production is one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a manufacturing firm. Make sure the things you choose are constructed from durable materials that can resist use and abuse. They ought to be solid and long-lasting. For bottles to be used with food and beverages, they must also be produced from materials that have received FDA approval and are BPA-free.

Custom Options

Regarding plastic bottles, consumers have a wide range of needs and preferences. Finding a manufacturing company that offers customization services that meet your needs is therefore crucial.

Timely Delivery

When working with a manufacturing company, it is essential to consider their turnaround time and delivery options. You want to ensure that all your orders are delivered smoothly and on time.


The cost must be a key factor when looking for plastic bottle manufacturing businesses. You want to make sure you get high-quality goods at a fair price. Choose a producer that offers reasonable prices for all its items without compromising quality.


Our daily lives now are the same with plastic bottles, and many businesses make the equipment needed to make them. Plastic bottles have many benefits over glass bottles, including reusable materials, the capacity to be recycled, being lighter in weight, and using less energy. Given its significance and benefits, we’ve compiled a list of the best plastic suppliers who could be helpful to your company. Browse and examine them at leisure to choose the perfect partner plastic bottle manufacturer.

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