Top 9 Plastic Cutlery Manufacturers in India

Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer in India

Are you browsing for a reputable manufacturer of plastic cutlery in India? India is home to extensive plastic cutlery manufacturers who provide premium products at reasonable pricing. These manufacturers have you covered if you’re a restaurant owner, event planner, or individual searching for durable plastic flatware.

For this article, you can look into the plastic cutlery manufacturers in India to locate the best items for your needs!

Plastic cutlery is a term used to describe utensils made of plastic that are generally used for eating and serving meals. Forks, spoons, knives, and occasionally extra tools such as serving plastic spoons or spatulas are included. Plastic cutlery is frequently used in circumstances requiring disposable utensils, such as fast food restaurants, outdoor gatherings, or picnics.

Material cutlery is often constructed of polystyrene, a low-cost and lightweight material. However, this substance is not sustainable and can take thousands of years to degrade the environment, causing pollution and harm to species. To address this issue, several individuals and groups are increasingly campaigning for more sustainable alternatives to plastic cutlery, such as biodegradable or reusable utensils made of materials such as bamboo, wood, or metal.

Market Research

The plastic cutlery market is expected to grow at a 4% CAGR during the forecast period, from US$ 1.6 billion in 2023 to US$ 2.47 billion by 2032. Due to increased competition, the plastic cutlery market is expected to rise throughout the projected period. To meet the need for plastic cutlery, new rivals are offering various solutions at reasonable prices, making it more accessible to customers in the worldwide plastic cutlery market.

Top 9 Plastic Cutlery Manufacturers in India

AS Food Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

AS Food Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

AS Food Packaging, established in 2000, is well known as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers of this highly acclaimed range of Disposable Products. This series follows industry norms and guidelines, using premium components and cutting-edge machinery. This ensures that the product meets the quality criteria. Additionally, the offered selection is sold at a market-leading price. Sealing machines, Food Packaging Boxes, Disposable Containers, Food Packaging Tray, and other well-known and sought-after goods are included.

AS Food Packaging Homepage:

About AS Food Packaging:

AS Food Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

AS Food Packaging Other Products:

Papa Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Papa Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

The Papa Packaging infrastructure is extended across a wide area of land. It is located in the city of Maharashtra, India. The infrastructure, equipped with all of the facilities well required to carry out the company’s operations seamlessly, enables them to execute your orders within the time limit they have committed to. All of this began in 1996 when they initially entered the market. Since then, they have gone a long way by providing customers with an excellent assortment of Housekeeping Gloves, Check Dusters, Disposable Tableware, Disposable Dinnerware, Butter Paper bags, and other reasonably priced items.

Papa Packaging Homepage:

About Papa Packaging:

Papa Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Papa Packaging Other Products:

Kalyani Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Kalyani Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Kalyani Materials & Co, which entered the market in 2011, has won consumers’ and competitors’ respect, goodwill, and faith. Mr. Vinoth Kumar and Mr. Ashwin, the company’s founders, developed it into one of the most popular and trusted brands in national and worldwide marketplaces via their devotion, hard work, and imaginative approach. They have a completely developed infrastructure with the required facilities and high-tech machines. They separated the system into pieces and simplified procedures to achieve the highest operating efficiency feasible.

Kalyani Materials and Co Homepage:

About Kalyani Materials and Co:

Kalyani Mahalaxmi Flexible Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Kalyani Materials and Co Other Plastic Products:

Madhav Enterprise Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Madhav Enterprise Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Madhav Enterprises was established in 2013 and is one of the leading names in the industry for manufacturing and wholesale Plastic knives & Galvanized Bread molds. Plastic Spoons, Plastic Knife, Disposable Fruit Fork, Coffee Stirrers, Plastic ID Card Holder, and many other items are available from them. The products they offer are created with precision to the industry’s requirements. They are a client-centric firm that truly understands their business goals, allowing them to provide results-oriented goods on time. Premium goods, prompt execution, and solid business ethics have enabled them to serve a large client base.

Madhav Enterprise Homepage:

About Madhav Enterprise:

Madhav Enterprise Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Madhav Enterprise Other Products:

Eco Friendly Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Eco Friendly Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Disposable Point was founded in 1996 and operated from the prime location of Haryana, India. Since the last two decades, they have been recognized in the home market as a leading Exporter, Manufacturer, and Supplier of a diverse variety of Disposable Items. Cutlery, Lunch Trays, Disposable Meal Tray, Cold Cups, Food Containers, Plates, and many more items are available. The materials used to make these goods are typically environmentally friendly. The company has the support of a flexible and extensive production setup, which allows them to satisfy the changing market demands.

Eco Friendly Products Homepage:

About Eco Friendly Products:

Eco Friendly Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Eco Friendly Products Other Products:

Aditya Enterprises Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Aditya Enterprises Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Aditya Enterprises began the journey as a substantial producer and supplier of plastic items for daily use in 2019. These items are developed using the needed measures, resulting in excellent goods with a long life. By assuring this cutting-edge technology, they provide our customers with long-lasting items, meet everyone’s needs, and are in great demand on the market.

Aditya Enterprises Homepage:

About Aditya Enterprises:

Aditya Enterprises Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Aditya Enterprises Other Plastic Products:

Solution 4U Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Solution 4U Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Solution 4U is a well-known manufacturer and quick prototyping service provider. They were founded in 2003 and have extensive industry expertise. Its offerings include product design, three-dimensional modeling, and fast prototype services. Their large clientele well regards comprehensive product and service offerings. They have received a lot of praise from people throughout the country. The services allow their customers to keep up with technological changes and improve quality. It was successful in meeting its objectives within the time limit allotted.

Solution 4U Homepage:

About Solution 4U:

Solution 4U Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Solution 4U Other Products and Services:

Global Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Global Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Global Packaging Solutions was established in 2016 and is a dependable Manufacturer and Trader of Food Containers, Disposable Cutlery, Disposable Glasses, Food Packaging Boxes, and many more. They provide them to customers in standard and customized versions since they are well-regarded in the industry for their precision. Furthermore, materials of the highest quality are used in their manufacture. They have established a reputable position in this very competitive market under the team leader’s management, Mr. Ishpreet.

Global Packaging Solutions Homepage:

About Global Packaging Solutions:

Global Packaging Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Global Packaging Solutions Other Products:

Garima Polymers Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Garima Polymers Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Garima Polymers, founded in 2012, is one of the industry’s well-known enterprises producing and selling a quality-guaranteed selection of Sealing machines, Meal trays, and Disposable bowls in the local market. They manufacture this full line using only quality certified and checked raw materials and other factory inputs, keeping customers’ changing and ever-rising wants in mind. The entire range is manufactured under the supervision and attention of these specialists, who are well-versed in the technical know-how and comprehension of this job field. Furthermore, before ultimately sending them to the customers, experts inspect the entire spectrum of well-defined quality criteria to assure top-notch quality.

Garima Polymers Homepage:

About Garima Polymers:

Garima Polymers Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer:

Garima Polymers Other Products:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer in India

Choosing a plastic materials provider is one of your business’s most important decisions. A good supplier may be a fantastic resource for your company. Several aspects should be considered before selecting a plastic cutlery manufacturer in India. Here are a few of the most significant:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer in India

Brand Excellent

Seek a company that makes premium plastic cutlery sturdy, robust, and safe. Examine the materials used to ensure that they meet safety requirements.

Financial Security

The financial strength of plastics manufacturers varies. Companies in financial distress may be unable to purchase items or maintain inventories required to suit your demands. In general, this improves your consumer experience.

Excellent Customer Service

Inspect for a manufacturer who has been in business for a long time and has an established track record of creating high-quality plastic cutlery. This will guarantee that you receive items that fulfill your standards.


Examine the manufacturer’s market reputation and read feedback from prior consumers. Choose a firm with a strong reputation for producing premium products and providing dependable service.


Plastic cutlery may appear inexpensive and easy, but it is everything from it. We pay a huge and sometimes hidden price for using plastic so freely as individuals and as a community—the cost of waste, pollution, and health concerns. Ultimately, India boasts several recognized plastic cutlery producers who provide high-quality items at reasonable pricing. These manufacturers, ranging from AS Food Packaging to Garima Polymers, provide a variety of plastic cutlery and other disposable items to fulfill the demands of clients. Considering these criteria listed allows you to make an informed selection and select a manufacturer who meets your expectations and produces good-quality products.

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