Top 9 Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturers of 2023

Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Are you browsing for a trusted and renewable plastic food packaging manufacturer? There is no need to look any further! They employ eco-friendly products and target lowering the ecological effects, focusing on sustainability. To match your specific requirements, they provide a variety of packaging choices, including custom designs. A commitment to quality support, speed to market, cheaper tooling costs, and lower packaging costs distinguishes it from the competition. You can rely on them to supply safe and long-lasting packaging solutions for your food goods.

The use of plastic materials to package food products is referred to as plastic food packaging. It is a general procedure in the food sector because of its ease, durability, and cost. Plastic packaging may prevent food from infection, increase shelf life, and make transportation and storage easier.

Nonetheless, there are specific issues with plastic food packaging. Plastic materials can emit toxic compounds, whether exposed to high temperatures or acidic meals, that contaminate food. Plastic garbage is also a huge environmental concern since it takes hundreds of years to disintegrate and can affect animals and ecosystems if not correctly disposed of.

Market Research

The world plastic packaging market was worth USD 369.21 billion in 2022 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 3.6% between 2023 and 2030. The expanding scale of major application industries, including personal and home care, medicines, food and drinks, and the global penetration of e-commerce are principally driving the rise of plastic packaging.

Top 9 Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturers

Display Plastic Food Packaging

Display Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Today, hundreds of professionals apply their knowledge to provide new, better-thermoformed products to our global client base. They are confident in their long-term purpose, mission, and vision. These are the ideals that motivate the team and serve as the foundation—both personally and professionally. The success of Display Pack and the individuals that comprise the group stems from the idea that when we collaborate and work together, the impossible becomes attainable. They push each other to be more creative, proactive, and solution-focused thinkers and work together to achieve continuous progress.

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SPI Plastic Food Packaging

SPI Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Since 1983, South Plastic Industry has developed competence in thermoformed food packaging. They provide a comprehensive choice of everyday goods that meet most hot and cold food packaging requirements, including microwaveable items. There is also specializes in providing customized options for any unique need. SPI delivers food packaging to a variety of international and domestic clients. Examples include chain stores, supermarkets, merchants, food processors, deli shops, restaurants, and catering businesses. It can satisfy your food container demands with today’s most vital, lightest, and most flexible packaging.

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Mr. Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Mr. Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Mr. Plastics, Inc. is a plastic and food packaging wholesale distributor. Atlanta, Georgia, serves as the corporate headquarters. They built a solid foundation of outstanding providers to service them. There are seven Chinese manufacturers and countless suppliers in the United States and other countries. They sell and service items throughout the Southeast. Plastic packaging includes shopping bags, poly bags, produce bags, can liners, plastic cutlery, pallet wraps and tapes, and various other items. Food packaging provides meat trays, meat pads, meat films, steak paper, containers, butcher paper, aluminum trays, carryout foam containers, and foam cups.

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Supply One Plastic Food Packaging

Supply One Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Supply One has actively purchased existing packaging firms since its inception in 1998. Each is well-known in its local and regional markets for its premium goods, packaging expertise, and prompt service. They all contribute to the extensive skills and overall packaging solutions that conventional and emergent enterprises require. And their skills span the whole packaging spectrum, from the exterior package to inside protective packaging, packaging materials, and equipment. They leveraged their one-of-a-kind focus on increasing companies’ profitability through cash flow to develop packaging solutions that were more comprehensive, personal, and relevant to customers than anything else on the market.

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Champion Plastics Food Packaging

Champion Plastics Food Packaging Manufacturer

Champion Plastics of Clifton, NJ, has been a polyethylene packaging industry leader since 1972. The company has one of the most extensive inventories of bags, liners, covers, films, sheets, tubing, and shrink packaging. The 18-acre production facility is cutting-edge, with one of the industry’s most enormous resin storage silos storing 2,000 tons. Champion Plastics’ broad product assortment, affordable price, customer service, and timely delivery are why Champion has so many long-standing, dedicated clients.

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Stora Enso Plastic Food Packaging

Stora Enso Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Stora Enso builds and produces wood and biomass-based solutions for a variety of industries and applications throughout the world, driving the economy and aiding clients in meeting the need for renewable, eco-friendly goods. Stora Enso is committed to producing goods and technologies based on renewable resources, drawing on its forestry and tree expertise. In many situations, our goods offer a low-carbon alternative to items created from fossil-based or other non-renewable materials.

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Bergen Plastic Food Packaging

Bergen Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Bergen Plastics is a European plastics industry pioneer. Mr. Trygve Heggland founded the company in 1947. The driving reasons behind where we are now have been a passion for plastic, innovation, and sustainable growth. Throughout its existence, the business has been involved in hundreds of development projects, some of which have become industry icons while others have not. We’ve come to believe that with plastic, everything is possible, and we’re correct.

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Pacmoore Plastic Food Packaging

Pacmoore Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

PacMoore is a contract food manufacturing firm dedicated to producing the most excellent food ingredients in the world while safeguarding your food and intellectual property with world-class production standards, integrity, and quality. PacMoore is dedicated to developing the staff to be outstanding at feeding the world. The goal is to use this achievement in food contract manufacturing to inspire whole-life development for the people and to invest in the communities in which they work.

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Primex Plastic Food Packaging

Primex Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Primex Plastics Corporation began in 1965 with three machines and has since grown into a multi-faceted organization with over 125 extruders at locations around the United States and England to meet your demands and ensure prompt delivery. Primex offers cutting-edge plastic solutions for every application. Only Primex has complete control over the process, which includes compounding materials, colors, custom extrusion, and product manufacture, allowing for additional flexibility, choices, and cost.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Plastic Food package manufacturers have a range of requirements, including selecting appropriate materials for specific applications, tooling costs, package development, lead times, and uniformity, particularly in an automated setting. Examine these factors carefully to establish what you want in a food packaging manufacturer so that you may acquire high-quality food packaging while staying within your budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

Excellent Assistance

When working with a food packaging firm, you’ll want to know that they can assist you if you have any questions or concerns concerning your product package designs. When looking for a team, look for one that provides quality and engineering help from basic strategy through commercialization.

Speed to Market

Like any other plastic package design, plastic food packaging must have a fast time to market. With such a lengthy plastic packaging manufacturing period, consumers may lose interest in the goods. Choose a plastic packaging business that can develop and create tooling that matches the speed of new item manufacturing and market testing to ensure your items can be packed quickly.

Reduced Tooling Costs

As a food manufacturer, you must choose the most cost-effective tooling choice. A plastic packaging firm capable of designing and manufacturing tooling in-house. Additionally, look for a business that can develop tooling depending on a project’s sales volume.

Tamper Evident

Tamper-resistant designs are an essential part of food packaging design. Select a food packaging firm that provides a variety of tamper-evident concepts for food packaging designs, so you may select one that best matches your items.

Lower Packaging Costs

Plastic food packaging businesses often strive to save money, particularly in packaging, to deliver the lowest feasible price to consumers. Many companies choose food packaging manufacturers who can finish the entire procedure in-house. An all-inclusive plastic packaging firm may significantly cut your overall expenses by handling everything from design to tooling to final manufacturing.


Plastic food packaging is an essential aspect of the food business since it helps maintain food quality and safety. Packaging is critical in ensuring that food is safe and of high quality, fulfilling various functions ranging from preventing food contamination to extending shelf life. We anticipate seeing more customized, creative, and sustainable packaging options as the food industry evolves to meet customers’ changing needs better. Before that, the brands listed above are top of their kind in this industry, giving you the edge of having a reputable supplier that might help you and your business.

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