Top 9 Plastic Cups Manufacturer in Philippines

Plastic Cups Manufacturer Philippines

Are you searching for a reputable manufacturer of plastic cups in the Philippines? We have compiled a list of the most significant plastic cup manufacturers in the Philippines, including Grand Cham Packaging, Jucom, Graphic Packaging, Lagma, and many more. We strive to provide excellent services and products, such as customization, efficiency, and on-time delivery. Keep an eye on this page to discover more about plastic cup production capabilities and how we may assist you in meeting your business requirements.

A plastic cup is a cup constructed of plastic that is often used to carry liquids. Some are reusable, while others are designed to be used once and then recycled or disposed of. Disposable plastic cups are widely used at events when cleaning dishes afterward would be difficult due to factors such as location or number of attendees. Most liquids can be kept in plastic cups, while hot drinks may cause the material to melt or distort. A red plastic cup is a popular design in the United States, frequently used to serve alcoholic beverages.

Market Research

The global market for plastic cups is predicted to grow from USD 14.75 billion in 2022 to USD 23.77 billion by 2028. Between 2023 and 2028, the market is expected to grow at an 8.3% CAGR. Plastic cup market growth will be headed by Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, which account for the entire disposable cup market. The thriving food and beverage industries are expected to drive the market in these regions. The long-established café culture and the spread of fast-food franchises in North America and Europe fuel the industry’s expansion.

Top 9 Plastic Cups Manufacturers Philippines

Grand Cham Plastic Cups

Grand Cham Plastic Cups

GRAND CHAMP PACKAGING CORPORATION (formerly Ritch Multi Food) is a “one-stop-shop” for all paper, plastic, and biodegradable food packaging container materials. They provide a diverse assortment of food packaging products. The firm also recognizes the market’s changing demands. Thus, it develops eco-friendly/biodegradable food packaging goods to meet customers’ needs. They want to strengthen and preserve the company’s standing in the plastic or paper food packaging business by providing competitive, extraordinarily inexpensive food packaging items and superior client service.

Grand Cham Packaging Homepage:

About Grand Cham Packaging:

Grand Cham Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Grand Cham Packaging Other Products:

Jucom Plastic Cups

Jucom Plastic Cups

Jucom has been a trustworthy partner of local SMEs since 1969, delivering economic yet premium packaging goods and giving outstanding value with sincere services. They sell various plastic and paper packaging materials through distribution and production to the food, beverage, retail, and agriculture industries. Their fundamental beliefs motivate them constantly to develop to satisfy their demands better.

Jucom Homepage:

About Jucom:

Jucom Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Jucom Other Products:

Philippine Vending Plastic Cups

Philippine Vending Plastic Cups

Philippine Vending Corporation, founded in 1997, is the country’s largest vending operator and number one office convenience supplier. Since its start, it has swiftly developed and established a solid reputation for dependability and exceptional service quality. They provide coffee service, hot and cold beverages, snacks, and other refreshments to our diverse clientele nationwide. Their unrivaled ability to give cost-effective solutions to any organization is the foundation of their success. They thoroughly understand the sector and know how to provide service to assist you and your employees in working and living better with over 23 years of expertise.

Philippine Vending Corporation Homepage:

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Philippine Vending Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Philippine Vending Corporation Other Services:

CCH Plastic Cups

CCH Plastic Cups

CCH Packaging Machine Trading made its mark in the food packaging sector by developing innovations and delivering the highest accuracy and dependability in quality equipment and after-sales support. Undoubtedly, the corporate scene in the Philippines has changed dramatically. How you operate determines how effectively your firm performs and how successful it is. With a depth of knowledge, they have advanced to a new level, allowing them to serve and assist enterprises in the F&B market.

CCH Packaging Machine Trading Homepage:

About CCH Packaging Machine Trading:

Graphic Packaging Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

CCH Packaging Machine Trading Other Customized Products:

Lagma Plastic Cups

Lagma Plastic Cups

Here at Langma, there’s a method to obtain a decent deal on personalized things while making dependable services available to everyone! Your Philippines food packaging supply and partner! Any of these products may be customized with your brand or design. Langma manufactures customized paper cups, plastic cups, paper bags, paper bowls, coffee sleeves, and other beverage and coffee shop goods. They offer quantity discounts to help you save even more money if you buy in bulk.

Lagma Homepage:

About Lagma:

Lagma Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Lagma Other Products:

FAS Development Plastic Cups

FAS Development Plastic Cups

FAS Development Corporation, founded in May 1993, has been a pioneering force in the disc replication sector. Today, the company has effectively moved into the plastic packaging business, cementing the company’s standing as a packaging industry leader. This company is well-known for its unyielding dedication to technology and uncompromising pursuit of excellence. From modern manufacturing equipment and premium raw materials to highly skilled staff, efficient production methods, and excellent goods and services supplied to your valued clients, they prioritize excellence in their operations.

FAS Development Corporation Homepage:

About FAS Development Corporation:

FAS Development Packaging Lab Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

FAS Development Corporation Other Products:

Valuepac Plastic Cups

Valuepac Plastic Cups

Valuepac is a rapidly expanding Philippine firm that is a direct importer of various packaging materials and services. Valuepac now sells beverage and food packaging materials and bespoke printing services. They strive to offer the BEST VALUE items at the BEST PRICES.

Valuepac Homepage:

About Valuepac:

Valuepac Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Valuepac Other Products:

Monotaro.PH Plastic Cups

Monotaro.PH Plastic Cups

MonotaRO is a significant eCommerce distributor of industrial and commercial goods based in Japan. MonotaRO was founded to revolutionize the industrial products supply chain. Using technology, they hope to establish a one-of-a-kind online store where employees can shop for everything they need in one spot. They provide a diverse range of items at competitive pricing. Over 15 million goods are available in manufacturing, safety, engineering, construction, research and development, electrical, office supplies, hardware, tools, automotive, culinary equipment, and more.

Monotaro.PH Homepage:

About Monotaro.PH:

Monotaro.PH Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

Monotaro.PH Other Products:

STC Packaging Plastic Cups

STC Packaging Plastic Cups

STC Paper and Plastic Packaging Solutions is a food packaging producer, distributor, and retailer. STC products come in various sizes and shapes, giving you multiple options to meet your packaging requirements. These products are made of different materials, including PP, PS, PET, and paper. There are over 25 years of expertise in offering food packaging solutions to Filipino customers through dealers and corporate partners. STC provides services that may personalize your package specs and print through custom fabrication and printing because every demand is different.

STC Packaging Homepage:

About STC Packaging:

STC Packaging Plastic Cups Manufacturer:

STC Packaging Other Products:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Cups Manufacturer Philippines

When selecting a plastic cup manufacturer in the Philippines, various elements must be considered to ensure excellent goods and dependable service. Here are some things to remember:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Cups Manufacturer Philippines

Capabilities in Manufacturing

Consider a company that has a diverse variety of production capabilities. This ensures they can make plastic cups in sizes, shapes, and styles to fit your requirements.

Qualitative standards

Examine whether the firm has quality control mechanisms to guarantee that its goods satisfy the highest quality requirements. This is significant because you want to ensure that the plastic cups you choose are long-lasting, safe, and sanitary.

Selection of material

Plastic cups can be made with polypropylene, polystyrene, and PET. Choose a manufacturer who can provide many solutions based on your requirements.

Customer support

Review for a company that responds to your questions and concerns and delivers good customer service. This will allow you to establish a long-term connection with them and guarantee you receive the most bang for your buck.


Plastic cups can be reused and disposed of at the owner’s choice. Plastic cups are sturdy and flexible enough for various functions, making them a good substitute for costly ceramic cups, and they are easily discarded because they frequently come in packs. People might reconsider their current desires and conditions since plastic cups give them the luxury of choice. Ultimately, selecting a plastic cup manufacturer in the Philippines requires carefully considering various variables. Considering these things, you can choose a manufacturer that can supply you with durable plastic cups that fit your unique requirements and assist you in meeting your business objectives.

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