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Looking for premium, sustainable PLA-coated paper for packaging, food service, or printing applications? Choose us as your PLA-coated paper manufacturer. PLAMFG provides industry-standard customized solutions, outstanding customer service, and modern technology that assure maximum performance and sustainability.

Our PLA Coated Paperboard

PLAMFG makes PLA-coated paper using innovative methods and materials that fulfill industry requirements, such as FDA and EU food contact laws, ensuring our goods’ safety and quality. We are a trusted manufacturer of PLA coated paper because of our dedication to sustainability, quality, and customer service.

PLA Coated Kraft Paper

PLA Coated Kraft Paper

PLA Coated White Paper

PLA Coated White Paper

PLA Coated Bamboo Paper

Plastic Coated Papers Manufacturing Process

PLA-coated paper is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than regular plastic-coated paper. PLA-coated paper is manufactured in multiple processes to ensure a high-quality product that matches industry standards and client specifications. The PLA-coated paper production process requires multiple processes to generate a sustainable, excellent product.
01 Raw Material Preparation

Preparing the raw ingredients, which comprise the PLA resin and the foundation paper, is the first stage in the process. The PLA resin is created from sustainable resources like maize starch or sugarcane, while the substrate paper is usually made from wood pulp or recycled paper.

02 Coating Application

The PLA resin is heated and applied to the foundation paper using a coating machine in this phase. Depending on the specific application requirements, the coating pertains to one or both sides of the paper.

03 Drying and Curing

Following the coating application, the paper is dried and cured to guarantee that the PLA resin adheres to the base paper and forms a firm connection. Typically, the drying and curing process includes running the paper through a series of heated rollers.

04 Finishing

The PLA coated paper is completed in the last process to fit the customer's specifications. This might include cutting the paper to size, printing, or laminating it to other materials.

PLA Coated Paper Specifications

We provide a selection of specifications to satisfy the individual needs of our clients. Our PLA-coated paper is available in extensive grades and thicknesses, and we can tailor our goods to individual project requirements. We employ cutting-edge technology and ingredients to create PLA-coated paper with high barrier qualities, making it ideal for various applications such as food packaging, food service, and printing.


Grammage refers to the weight of the paper per unit area and is an essential characteristic of PLA-coated paper. Our production plant provides extensive grammage options for our PLA-coated paper, allowing our customers to select the best solution for their projects.


Width is an essential characteristic of PLA-coated paper since it defines the end product's size and dimensions. We provide comprehensive width options for our PLA-coated paper at our production plant, allowing our clients to select the best alternative for their unique application and project demands.

Versatile Applications of PLA Paper

PLA-coated paper is a biodegradable and compostable polylactic acid created from renewable resources that is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to typical plastic-coated paper goods,making it suited to a broad range of applications.

Food Packaging

Labels and Tags

Medical Industry

Gift Packaging


Book Covers

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Our company values offering exceptional customer service. We’ve always found new ways to improve our products. In addition, we strive for total client pleasure by providing after-sales services. Sales are only the beginning of the service; continual customer service and unbroken production lines are required for everyone to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PLA Straws

– PLA coated paper is a food-grade paper with a PLA film layer to provide a liquid-resistant hydrophobic (water-resistant) surface. PLA coated paper is one option for replacing plastic food packaging.

Recycling PLA-coated paperboard allows brand owners, merchants, hospitality establishments, and waste management businesses to work with a biobased packaging solution that can be composted or recycled based on the most environmentally efficient application.

– PLA is a food-grade 3D printing substance. This material is used to produce packaging by plastic injection molding. It is an ideal material for 3D printing projects that will not be subjected to excessive heat or mechanical constraints.

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