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Searching for a dependable and environmentally friendly packaging solution? Our PLA film is made of renewable ingredients and is biodegradable, making it an ideal option for businesses seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

Our PLA Film

As a leading polylactic acid film manufacturer, we provide pla film prices customized to your requirements. Contact us today to learn more and make the switch to environmentally friendly packaging!

What Is PLA Film

Why Choose PLAMFG's PLA Film

pla biodegradable bottles

100% Compostable

Environmental sustainability, adaptability, durability, customer appeal, and regulatory compliance are all advantages of compostable items. 

High Transparency and High Gloss

Our excellent transparency and high gloss materials look appealing and professional, making them excellent for improving visual product appeal and brand identification.

Convertibility and Printability

PLAMFG goods are peak convertible and printable, allowing for extensive personalization and branding. As a result, they are a versatile and cost-effective choice for organizations seeking to improve their marketing efforts.

Great sliding Properties

Our materials have outstanding sliding qualities, making them perfect when friction must be minimized. 

PLA bottle oil resistance

Resistance to Fats and Oils

Because of their excellent resistance to fats and oils, our products are perfect for food packaging and other applications requiring high resistance levels. 
PLA Bottle fog resistance 2

Low Water Vapor Barrier

Our products offer a low water vapor barrier, which helps minimize fogging and provides excellent visibility in packaging and other applications. 

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Plastic Film Manufacturing Process

Melting resin, extruding it via a die, cooling, winding it into a roll, cutting, and finishing are all steps in producing a plastic film. The produced film has a wide range of uses. Plastic film manufacture typically includes the following steps:
01 Resin Preparation

The initial stage in plastic film production is to prepare the resin. The resin is melted and combined with any additives required, such as colorants or stabilizers.

02 Extrusion

After preparing the resin, it is extruded through a die to make a flat sheet of plastic film. The resin is heated and forced through a tiny aperture to generate the correct form and thickness.

03 Cooling

The plastic film is swiftly chilled once it is extruded to harden it. This can be finished with the help of a cooling tower or another type of cooling system.

04 Winding

The film is completed in the last process to fit the customer's specifications. This might include cutting the paper to size, printing, or laminating it to other materials.

05 Cutting and Finishing

Once wrapped onto a roll, the plastic film can be sliced into smaller sizes or completed with further processing stages, such as adhesive coating or lamination to other materials.

Why Choose PLA Film?

About pla film properties

Our products meet the EN 13432 standard, which establishes stringent standards for compostability and biodegradability. This implies that our products exceed strict environmental sustainability requirements and may degrade naturally into harmless compounds. With our emphasis on quality and compliance, you can rely on us to produce goods that are not only environmentally friendly but also dependable and effective.

Environmental Responsibility
Customer Service
Industry Standard
Sustainable Solutions

Versatile Applications of PLA Films

Windows Films for Envelopes

With variable sizes and frosted or textured patterns, window films for envelopes provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. It improves branding and privacy while giving mailings and invites a professional look.

Cardboard Films

Cardboard films are versatile and environmentally friendly packaging options that may be utilized in various applications. It offers product durability and protection while reducing environmental effects.

Bread Bags Film

Our bread bag film is a dependable, long-lasting option for packing bread and other items. It provides superior protection and preservation while lowering environmental impact and increasing brand recognition.

Label Films

Label films provide a versatile and personalized labeling and branding solution. It can be easily adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes and is long-lasting and quality.

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