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PLAMFG is a technology-leading PLA producer, we wasthe first on work on the development of polylatic acid and related application products from 2009. Our factory annual capacity of 100000 tons making PLAMFG one of the top PLA producers in the word.

Our PLA Products

We offer PLA raw material granules and modified granules to meet different applications needs. In addition to the raw material offering, we also support our clients in the development of PLA products in food, medical and other industries.

How is PLA Produced

Polylactic acid is a transparent thermoplastic aliphatic polyester made from renewable resources like corn, sugarcane or corn stalk. We are currently one of the few companies in the world to successfully break through lactide technology. We invest enough pla manufacturing plant cost, and make sure manufacturing process is supported by scientific research and quality control and offers extensive PLA product possibilities in PLA bioplastic production.

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Raw materials such as corn or straw are hydrolyzed and enzymatically hydrolyzed to generate six-carbon sugars


Lactic acid is produced after biological fermentation


Synthesis of lactide from lactic acid


Lactide is polymerized into polylactic acid


Polylactic acid is made into PLA Products through mixing and processing

Why Chosse PLA Plastic?

Benefits of using biodegradable plastic - polylactic acid(PLA)

Plastic pollution is a growing problem that is affecting our planet. Traditional plastics are made from non-renewable resources such as oil and gas, and their production and disposal also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Some traditional plastics also contain harmful chemicals that can leach into food or water, posing health risks to humans and animals.

Eco-friendly plastics, such as PLA, are necessary to combat plastic pollution, reduce our carbon footprint, and protect the environment.

Abundant and Natural Source of Raw Material

Our PLA is made from nature source like corn and corn straws and you can feel relieved when using them.

Low Carbon Consumption

PLA production consumes 65% less energy than traditional plastics production. It also emits 68% less greenhouse emissions.

Excellent Plastic Properties

Compare to traditional material like polystyrene, PLA have stronger flexural moilus and superior heat sealability.

Biodegradable & Compostable

PLA can be full break down into natural components when is exposed to the right conditions in about 90 days.

PLA Plastic Properties

Biodegradable materials have a wide range of properties that give them great advantages over conventional plastics. PLA is one of the most promising environmentally friendly materials to replace traditional plastics in recent years. Because of its relatively cheap price and some remarkable properties, PLA can be used in different fields of applications.

PLA Applications

Polylactic Acid Uses & Industries

PLA can also be made into PLA fibers for use in the textile industry. Because of its non-toxic and harmless characteristics, it can be completely absorbed and decomposed by the human body, so it is also widely used in the medical industry.

In addition to the core business, we also offer solution for our clients to develop the pla related product in different industries. Quote Now!

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Why Choose PLAMFG As Your Partner

Experienced PLA Resin Producer & Manufacturer

With over 10 years of experience, we still keep finding innovative methods to improve our products. Furthermore, we strive for complete client satisfaction by offering after-sales services. Sales are merely the beginning of the service, continuous customer service and uninterrupted manufacturing lines are essential for everyone to win.

why choose plamfg as your pla producer partner

Frequently Asked Questions

PLA is a food contact-safe material. We use plastic injection molding with this material to create polylactic acid packaging like pla trays, pla bowls and pla spoons. It meets FDA grade and it’s biodegradable.

Yes, as a experienced pla producer supplies for differnet compaies around the word, our PLA pellets and products are DIN certified in Germany, BPI certified in USA. And we are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer.

Yes, It’s a ideal material addtive for traditional plastics made using limited petroleum resources. According to the research, manufacturing process of PLA production consumes 65% less energy. It also emits 68% less greenhouse emissions.

Yes, we offer sample before you confirm the order. 

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