Biodegradable & Compostable Straws Solution
We are a PLA Straw manufacturer dedicated to delivering environmentally safe and sustainable alternatives to typical plastic straws. Our PLA Straws are created from sustainable and biodegradable materials, making them an excellent choice for environmentally concerned customers and companies. Our goods are both high-quality and reasonably priced, ensuring that durability is accessible to everybody.

Sustainable Straws Solution

Why Choose PLA Straws?

PLA is widely used in the field of degradable straws due to its excellent gloss and barrier properties, good biocompatibility, and biodegradability. It needs less energy and does not rely on nonrenewable resources, PLA has a lower carbon impact than typical plastic straws.
It is also considered safe for human consumption because it contains no potentially dangerous chemicals or elements that might leak into drinks. It’s also resistant to bending and softening, making it a good choice for single-use straws.

What Are PLA Straws Made Of

PLA straws are made of polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable and compostable polymer obtained from renewable resources such as cornstarch, sugarcane, or cassava root. PLA straws are made by an extrusion process using a specialized PLA straw making machine to transform the PLA material into thin tubes trimmed to the proper length to generate PLA straws.

Learn more about our PLA straw manufacturing process

01 Polymer Extrusion

In this step, the PLA polymer is melted and forced through an extruder where it is mixed and heated until it reaches a molten state.

02 Straw Forming

Molten PLA material is extruded through a specially designed die to form it into the shape of a straw. The mold usually has a circular opening with the desired straw diameter.

03 Cooling and Cutting

After the extruded PLA material leaves the mold, it is rapidly cooled and solidified into a straw shape by water bath or air cooling, and then the continuous straw is cut into individual straw lengths using a cutting machine.

04 Quality Control

Cut PLA straws are subject to quality control inspections, including checking for defects, measuring dimensions, and undergoing strength and durability testing to ensure they meet required specifications

Why PLA Straw Is Better

PLA Straws vs. Paper Straws

Using Experience

Paper straws can get softer or mushy with lengthy usage, and more prone to collapsing or breaking. PLA straws are generally more assertive and less likely to bend or soften with a better mouthfeel.

Environment Friendly

Unlike paper straws, the production process of PLA straws requires less energy and does not require the use of environmentally harmful chemicals such as glue, making them more environmentally friendly.

Effects On the Human Body

PLA straws have no harmful chemicals or ingredients, and are safe and harmless to the human body, while paper straws are usually bonded with glue, and due to bleaching and manufacturing processes, paper straws may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Cost Angle

With the improvement of production technology and the growth of demand, the cost of PLA straws has decreased. Paper straws are a less expensive alternative to disposable straws, but they are more expensive to use than PLA straws because they need to be replaced frequently.

Compostable Straw

Traditional PLA straws have a low melting point, making them unsuitable for hot liquids or soups. After our research, we found that adding PBAT can effectively improve the toughness of modified PLA materials and solve the problem of cracking of PLA straws.

These upgraded straws can withstand temperatures up to 90°C (194°F) while being biodegradable and compostable, making them a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic straws for high-temperature applications.

Interinational Compostable Certified

Our PLA Straws Experience Enables Us To Know What You Need!

Our PLA biodegradable straw are certified by US BPI & German DIN compostable standard. These certifications ensure that the materials used in the straws are safe for food contact, meet compatibility requirements, and adhere to environmental and social responsibility. And we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified manufacturer, get a free quote!


Personalize Your Sustainable Solution

PLA Straws

We provide bespoke PLA straw production services to satisfy our client’s individual demands. Colors, shapes, and patterns may all be customized, as well as bespoke branding and packaging. We can offer high-quality, bespoke PLA straws that fit your specifications because of our knowledge and modern production capabilities.

PLA Straw Size

To satisfy the specific demands of our customers, we provide custom-size services for our PLA straws. We can adapt our items to your specifications, whether you need shorter or longer straws, broader or thinner straws, or any other exact measurements.

Variety of Colors

We make straws in various colors to suit your brand’s colors or create a specific appearance for your event or campaign. Our team utilizes safe and ecologically friendly colorants to guarantee that our custom-colored PLA straws retain their quality, safety, and biodegradability.

Different Shapes

We provide bespoke form choices for our PLA straws to satisfy our client’s specific requirements. We may make straws that are straight, bendy, or in a particular form.

More Customized Style for Drinking Straws

Create your very own eco-friendly straws that are both sustainable and stylish,contact us for more PLA straw customization solutions and fully develop your business.

Using PLA Straws Advantage

Why Choose PLAMFG as Your PLA Straw Manufacturer

Our business fosters the spirit of offering excellent customer service. We’ve always come up with new ways to improve our goods. Additionally, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction by providing after-sales services. Sales are only the beginning of the service; ongoing customer service and unbroken production lines are required to achieve a win-win performance.

100% Completely Biodegradable

PLA straw is biodegradable under composting settings and completely degrades after a few months, making it a more ecologically friendly alternative for plastics than conventional plastics.

Conforms to ASTM Standards

Our PLA straws are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards and comply with ASTM standards, ensuring that they are safe for use and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional Quality

We take pride in producing exceptional quality PLA straws that meet the highest performance and sustainability standards. Our straws are made from premium plant-based materials and undergo strict quality control measures.

Plant Based Materials

PLA straw is a plant-based material that uses 68% less fossil fuel resources to manufacture than regular plastic and is commercially biodegradable,and are considered more sanitary due to their single-use nature.
How We Make It

Discover Our PLA Straw Making Machine

PLAMFG PLA straws are manufactured in various phases. Each step is critical and must be followed precisely. The importance of raw materials in manufacturing cannot be overstated. Before being processed, they should be tested. We ensured that the production line was fully monitored to ensure the output was consistent and high-quality.

Step 1-Extrusion
Step 2-Forming
Step 3-Cutting
Step 4- Packaging
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Frequently Asked Questions About PLA Straws

PLA straws resemble plastic straws in appearance and feel. However, they are composed of maize starch and are 100% biodegradable. These renewable resources’ sugar is fermented and converted into lactic acid, which is subsequently converted into polylactic acid, or PLA.

Yes, PLA straws are safe for consumption and do not leach harmful chemicals into beverages.

PLA straws can take anywhere from several months to a few years to fully biodegrade, depending on the conditions they are exposed to.

While some facilities may accept PLA for recycling, it has yet to be widely accepted in most recycling programs. Composting is generally the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of PLA straws.

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